Hyatt Launches New Services, Amenities for Women

In response to what it calls “the most extensive guest listening exercise” in its history, Hyatt Hotels Corp. has introduced at Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide several new services and amenities targeted at female travelers, it announced last week.

Inspired by an 18-month effort that included more than 40 facilitated group discussions with female guests, the new services and amenities include:

Guest request communication cards: Hyatt’s research revealed that women want assurances that their guest rooms have been cleaned, as well as ongoing dialogue with the hotel to provide feedback. The new communications cards will therefore allow housekeepers to provide personal confirmation of a thoroughly cleaned room and encouraging guests to share additional needs during their stay.

Forgotten items: Women, Hyatt found, are often much more reluctant than men to seek assistance when they forget travel essentials. Hyatt has therefore created Hyatt Has It, a service for all guests that will offer essentials such as a phone charger, curling iron, steamer, yoga mat, makeup remover wipes and razor to keep, borrow or buy.

Healthy menus: Because women said they want to maintain their health and well-being on the road, Hyatt has introduced new menu offerings that include fresh juices and smoothies, balanced portions and “create your own” options.

High-quality bath products: Hyatt hotels will now offer upgraded, high-quality bath amenities from KenetMD Skin Care, Le Labo, June Jacobs and Aromapothecary across its portfolio of brands.

Each of Hyatt’s new services was prototyped and tested in a real-world Hyatt hotel. Although they're targeted at women, they're available to all guests.

“I have read guest surveys for many years, but our new way of listening to guests and digging deeper leads to more meaningful findings,” says Dave Jacobs, general manager, Hyatt Regency O’Hare, one of the hotels selected to conduct real-time testing of the new enhancements. “Hyatt has set itself apart by designating several operating hotels as ‘hospitality labs’ so that we can get ideas right before global launch. We’re even working with staff to interact with guests differently, asking new questions to truly understand the guests’ needs.”

Concludes Sara Kearney, senior vice president, brands, for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, “These changes represent a first step in re-thinking how we do business — they show we are ready as a company to break free from the ‘one size fits all’ playbook and have a real conversation with our guests to better understand what they want. We are excited to introduce new amenities and services today that guests told us they wanted, and we are even more excited to see how our new approach will continually allow us to offer solutions to the issues today’s travelers face.”

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