Dolce Hotels Launches Free Consulting Service to Help Budget-Challenged Planners 'Rebuild' Meetings

In response to the nation's down economy, which has companies cutting corporate travel budgets and stressing corporate responsibility, Dolce Hotels and Resorts has introduced a new, complimentary consulting service that it's billing as the hospitality industry's "first program addressing corporate belt-tightening and responsible corporate governance."

Known as the "Rebuild Your Meeting" program, the free service was announced this week as a means for helping modern-day meeting planners cope with modern-day challenges.

"Having spent close to 30 years specializing in providing the most inspiring and productive environments for meetings, Dolce respects the difficulty of the meetings industry's current economic climate," Dolce Chairman and Managing Director Andy Dolce said in a statement. "We wanted to offer our expertise on a complimentary basis through 'Rebuild Your Meeting' as a vehicle for meeting planners to fulfill their group needs and reinforce how [meetings] can still be held off-site while achieving their business objectives in the most responsible manner."

"Rebuild Your Meetings" is available to meeting planners in the United States and Canada—regardless of whether they have booked a meeting with Dolce—who may call Dolce via a toll-free phone number beginning Nov. 17. When they do, a member who Dolce's global sales team will agree to connect them within four hours to a CMP-certified expert in their area who will help them plan or re-plan their meeting around new parameters when their budgets are cut or their attendance has dropped. Callers will receive approximately one hour of consultation during which experts will connect them with free advice and complimentary resources.

Among the topics that Dolce experts are positioned to discuss:

• How to create the most productive teambuilding events on a limited budget
• How to provide quality food and beverage offerings on a tighter budget
• How to change the location of your meeting
• How to save on airfare and other travel expenses

Continued Dolce, "The 'Rebuild Your Meeting' program is an innovative service for meeting planners that we are proud to offer as we raise the bar of service in the meetings and conference world by featuring the most creative and resourceful options."

For more information about Dolce Hotel and Resorts, and about the "Rebuild Your Meetings" program, call 1-866-940-4979 toll free or visit