Attendees Get Demanding on Leisure Options

According to the latest poll, 52 percent of respondents said that the majority of their attendees prefer both spa and golf as leisure activities at meetings. Further...

Twenty-three percent said that a majority of the attendees prefer just golf, while another 12 percent said a majority of their attendees prefer just spa. Finally, 12 percent said the majority of their attendees prefer neither golf nor spa.

The trend towards attendees wanting both leisure pursuits during a single meeting is certainly not lost on resorts, which have built spas at a breakneck pace over the past three years if they did not already have one--particularly because men are finally succumbing to the allure of spa treatments.

Also, many golf resorts are finding that one 18-hole golf course is not enough; if they can build another one on property, or enter into an agreement for preferred tee times at a nearby existing golf course, many are doing so. And though the number of new golfers throughout the United States has remained steady for more than five years now, the number of people playing golf during business events or with business associates seems to be rising.

Finally, the challenge for planners is to find time in the event schedule to allow people to enjoy the many leisure pursuits which tempt them at resorts. Mini-massages during meeting breaks, and 9-hole golf outings rather than full-day 18-hole outings, are two ways to achieve this.

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