Top 10 New Ingredients Chefs Love

Remembering what's hot and what's not can be just as tough as getting your group into that exclusive new restaurant. Here's a cheat sheet on this year's food trends culled from Nation's Restaurant News along with some great stories from our archives to help you get started planning.

1. Neck! Lamb, beef, goat and pork neck, to be exact.

2. Whey, in both salads and sauces. 

3. Kumquats in salads, relishes and desserts.

4. Pimento cheese. Smooth, spreadable, spicy and nostalgic.

5. Smoked olive oil, not to mention cumin and butter.

6. Hay? Believe it or not, Castagna Restaurant in Portland, Ore. uses it to smoke leeks!

7. Hummus in sauces, spreads and ingredients.

8. Popcorn served in various courses, like the popcorn ice cream at Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar in Sonoma, Calif.

9. Pretzel dough used as a crust, like in the pretzel-bit-covered crab cake at David Burke Townhouse in New York.

10. Honey in sauces and dressings.

Source: Nation’s Restaurant News