Visitors Flock to Denmark's Graceland

A newly-built copy of Graceland in Jutland a big hit with the public. 
The new Elvis Presley museum “Graceland” in the Jutland town of Randers in Denmark is experiencing success beyond expectation.

Around 6,000 people have visited the Danish copy of the rock legend’s home since its opening three weeks ago.

“You can’t really complain when visitor numbers are twice as big as we expected,” manager Henrik Knudsen told public broadcaster DR.

Knudsen has budgeted for 50,000 visitors each year. “We get people who have driven all the way from southern Jutland up here – all by themselves, and we have groups of people coming from all parts of the country,” says Knudsen. “The largest group consisted of 150 people.”

In addition to Elvis' guitars and outfits, one of the big hits at the Jutland Graceland is a right shoe which is bigger than its left counterpart – because Elvis Presley at one point had an ingrown toenail.