The Top 10 Meetings Technology Trends for 2015

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Earlier this month, International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) released its list of the top technology trends impacting meetings and events in 2015. From online procurement to geofencing, technology now impacts every single aspect of meetings and events. Here's the latest on what's happening in the meetings technology world, according to IACC:

10. Online Procurement: "More and more clients are using the web as their primary tool for making purchasing decisions. One IACC venue recently reported 70 percent of all new business comes via online search activities."

9. Streetview Technology:
 "When a planner cannot conduct an in-person venue inspection, technology is fast evolving using the Google Street View concept to provide valuable virtual venue tours."

8. Virtual Attendance:
 "There is an increase in clients wanting to capture video to send to another physical location, where a second group of participants is gathered."
7. Wireless Charging:
 "With large-scale furniture makers such as IKEA installing standardized wireless charging into tables and desks they sell, the writing is on the wall for meeting venues to incorporate wireless charging points into bar tops, meeting room tables, and guest rooms."

6. Drones:
 "We have seen a dramatic rise in the use of drones in extreme sports -- and now conference organizers are using this affordable technology to capture creative event photos and map out the venue for GPS integrated conferences."

5. Attendee Information Exchanges:
 "Developments in app-based two-way communication means that with user permission, one's smartphone can easily transmit contact information, social media profiles, specific meeting room access information, meal tracking, food preferences, and much more."

4. Geofencing: "Important advances in GPS-based app technology enable planners and venues to now personalize a conferee's welcome and offer other location-based alert notifications upon arrival."

3. Mood-Setting:
 "New developments in technology have allowed venues and organizers to instantly change the look and feel of a meeting room with user-controllable LED mood lighting, high-tech furniture groupings, and more."

2. 'Socializing' Instead of 'Networking':
 "Socializing at work used to be frowned upon, taking on somewhat negative connotations. But increasingly, socializing is seen as relationship-building, and for meetings, conference venues encourage relaxed socializing by providing multi-use spaces for conferees to gather together."

1. Millennials:
 "More fluent in technology, this new generation is addicted to social media, is even more environmentally conscious than their predecessors, the Gen Xers, and has high expectations of connectivity, interactivity, and the ability to influence and engage in dialogue."

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