The Top 10 Foodie Cities in the U.S.

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Which are the top foodie cities in the U.S.? Well, as the researchers at Livability put it, these days "it's almost become harder to find a place that isn't a foodie city." Livability has ranked U.S. cities on the following criteria: number of critically-acclaimed restaurants; residents who prefer independent restaurants; access to healthy food and farmers markets; a low obesity rate; and number of James Beard Award winners. (The list only includes small- to mid-sized cities, so don't expect to see New York or San Francisco.)

10. Walnut Creek, CA

9. Tempe, AZ

8. Burlington, VT

7. Bellevue, WA

6. Stamford, CT

5. Duluth, MN

4. Rockville, MD

3. Pittsburgh, PA

2. Omaha, NE

1. Coral Gables, FL

Source: Livability