The Top 10 Food and Wine Destinations in the U.S.

TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Awards recognize the best and brightest hotels, destinations, and foodie hotspots. Here are the top 10 cities to eat, drink, and make merry, along with some stories to help you get started planning.

1. New Orleans, LA
With everything from beignets to chicory coffee to crawfish to eat on the go and fabulous restaurants like John Besh's August, New Orleans is a foodie paradise.

2. Napa, CA
Don't forget some cheese with your wine! There are many local cheeses worth trying, not to mention tony restaurants for those special occasions.

3. Chicago, IL
Deep-dish pizza, bratwurst, and elegant cocktail bars like The Violet Hour? What's not to love?

4. Charleston, SC
Everything from homestyle Southern classics to haute cuisine is on offer in the Palmetto City.

5. San Francisco, CA
San Francisco is a true buffet of food experiences -- from Fisherman's Wharf beachy cafes to Chinatown to the tasting menu at Restaurant Gary Danko.

6. New York, NY
The Big Apple has a little bit of everything. The high-end restaurants at the Time Warner Center are wonderful for hosted dinners, and the increasing number of food and dessert trucks popping up throughout the five boroughs can provide excellent meeting breaks.

7. Savannah, GA
Savannah's specialties include BBQ, shrimp and grits, shad roe, boiled peanuts, and oysters.

8. Santa Fe, NM
Chilies of all kinds are the building blocks of Santa Fe's unique cuisine. From sweet, mild green chilies to the fiery red chiles de arbol, you're sure to find your sweet spot here.

9. Las Vegas, NV
Viva Las Vegas! Even if your luck at the table runs out you can always find something amazing to snack on, from high-end treats like those at Joel Rubuchon's atelier to bargain shrimp cocktails.

10. Asheville, NC
Asheville is ahead of the curve in terms of hyperlocal cuisine. This small city boasts nearly 20 farmers' markets, so you'll be assured that the sustainable fish, meat, and produce on your plate didn't travel far.

Source: Trip Advisor