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The Top 10 Boat Trips to Take Around the World

Millions of people hop on tugboats, trawlers, dinghies, and dories every year to navigate the world's waterways. Although many boat trips are undertaken purely to get from one place to another, even a trip on a humble commuter ferry will sometimes offer beautiful scenery. Here are the top 10 boat trips from around the world, as compiled by Australia's Herald Sun.

10. Circular Quay to Manly -- Sydney, Australia
"The ferry ride from Circular Quay to Manly is a tourist destination unto itself for visitors to Sydney," reports the Herald Sun. The boat ride offers views of Sydney Harbor, with the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge among the highlights.

9. Ferry from St Thomas to St John -- Virgin Islands
"The crystalline waters are reason alone to make the 20-minute trip," says the Herald Sun. "For only a few dollars one way, visitors to St Thomas can take a day trip to St John."

8. Rhine River Cruises -- Throughout Europe

"Many assume cruises are for open seas or hopping between islands, but river cruises are a great way to experience European cities as they were meant to be seen--by coming into port," says the Herald Sun. "At 1,233 km long, the Rhine River is perfect for cruising with views that include clifftop castles, vineyards, and UNESCO heritage sites."

7. Block Island Ferry -- Newport, Rhode Island
"An opportunity to see two of New England's most picturesque harbors, the recently opened Newport-to-Block Island high-speed ferry takes you from downtown Newport to Block Island in about an hour," reports the Herald Sun. "Perfect for exploring a little bit more of New England for just the day."

6. Cruising Halong Bay -- Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
"If you're headed to Southeast Asia and want to enjoy a few days on the water, make a stop at Halong Bay in Vietnam," says the Herald Sun. "The bay and its islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for the bay's jade waters and limestone pillars rising from beneath the water level."

5. Washington State Ferries to the San Juan Islands -- US

"Boasting a great variety of views, the Washington State Ferries from Anchorets, WA, to the San Juan Islands are a great excursion for visitors to the Pacific Northwest," reports the Herald Sun.

4. Cruising Milford Sound -- South Island, New Zealand
"Internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful waterways in the world, Milford Sound in New Zealand had to be included," says the Herald Sun. "Discovered by the Maori people more than 1000 years ago and located in South Island's Fjordland National Park, the majestic landscape can be accessed by road, but should be experienced on the water."

3. Venice Vaporetto -- Venice, Italy
"While the most famous boats in this region may be gondolas, few rides in the world will give you the eyeful of a Vaporetto in Venice," reports the Herald Sun. "Equivalent to a water taxi, these boats are an easy way to admire all the mansions and buildings that overlook the Grand Canal and the lagoon while also being helpful for gaining your bearings when first arriving to the canalled city."

2. Star Ferry -- Hong Kong

"The most well-known ferry ride in Asia, the Star Ferry connects Hong Kong Island with Kowloon Peninsula to the north," says the Herald Sun. "Ferries leave from both the Central and Wan Chai areas of Hong Kong Island, arriving at Tsim Sha Tsui's Star Ferry Pier on Kowloon."

1. Golden Gate Ferry -- San Francisco to Sausalito, California

"The San Francisco Bay is undoubtedly one of the [West Coast's] most picturesque vistas," says the Herald Sun, "and experiencing it by ferry is both affordable and a perfect way to explore the beautiful towns north of the city's peninsula."

Source: The Herald Sun