Poll: Planners Not So Green

Despite considerable publicity to prod people to change their work and living habits to minimize environmental impact, the latest poll conducted on MiMegasite.com found that the largest number of respondents--27 percent--said this about making their meetings environmentally friendly: "This issue is not a concern to me when planning and executing my meetings."

Further, another 26 percent responded to the question, "What steps do you take to make your meetings more environmentally friendly" with the answer, "I don't seek out suppliers based on their environmental initiatives, but will partake if they have protocols to help meetings consume less and/or recycle more."

Next, 25 percent responded with, "My organization has its own protocols so that my attendees consume less and recycle more during each meeting." Finally, 19 percent said, "My company has no protocols, but I actively seek out suppliers who have protocols that help hotel guests and meeting attendees consume less and recycle more while on property."

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