Planners Weigh in on Effects of Higher Minimum Wage

In the latest poll, 117 planners responded to the question "If Congress raises the minimum wage, do you worry it will affect the cost of meetings at hotels/resorts, and the quality of service?" Here's how they responded:

Fully 56 percent said that they are not concerned that a wage rise will cost them more at hotels/resorts—where many front-line workers are paid the minimum wage—nor do they think it will result in fewer hotel employees, and thus declining service levels.

On the other hand, 26 percent of respondents said they are indeed worried about both of those possible consequences—rising costs and declining service—which is a bad combination for meetings and events, obviously.

Another 11 percent said they worry most about the possibility that it would raise the cost of their meetings; and 5 percent said they are most concerned that it will result in fewer employees at the meeting venue, and thus experience diminished service than in the past.

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