Philadelphia CVB Courts On-the-Go Conventioneers with Mobile Web Site

The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau (PCVB) has announced a new effort that it hopes will attract more tech-savvy conventioneers and tourists to the City of Brotherly Love. At its core: a new dotMobi Web site domain at

Designed for Web sites that are viewable on mobile devices such as Blackberries, iPhones and Trios, dotMobi domains require Web pages that are custom-built for handheld electronics. Designed as such according to widely held mobile-compatibility style guidelines, PCVB's new mobile Web site is easily navigable on mobile phones and PDAs, according to the bureau. The site includes on-the-spot information about area restaurants, hotels, shopping, attractions and transportation, not to mention local events and conventions.

"We're already seeing the upshot [of this domain]," PCVB President Tom Muldoon said in a statement. " access is helping everyone from international tourists to small businesses, thus strengthening our city's future."

Although the mobile domain was secured and configured last year, PCVB officially launched it this month and hopes that it will appeal to convention attendees, who more and more are looking for wireless connectivity from the convention floor.

For more information on PCVB and its high-tech efforts, visit or on your mobile device.