PGA Golf Club at PGA Village Renovates Two Courses - 2006-10-27

The PGA Golf Club at PGA Village unveiled the names of two newly renovated courses. The North Course is now the Ryder Course, named after the founder of the Ryder Cup, Samuel Ryder. The South Course has been renamed the Wanamaker Course after Rodman Wanamaker, who inspired the birth of The PGA of America. World renowned golf course arcitect Tom Fazio originally designed and oversaw all renovations of the two courses. All 18 greens and 63 bunkers of the Ryder Course were renovated, the drainage system was improved, and all golf cart paths and landscaping were repaired. The 18 greens of the Wanamater Course were resurfaced with Champion Ultra-Dwarf grass, all 55 bunkers and the greens on holes No. 2 and 5 were completely renovated. Improvements to the drainage system and repairs of the golf cart paths and landscaping were also made. The third course at PGA Golf Club, the Dye course, is scheduled for renovations in 2007.