No Decision Yet on HTA Leader Rex Johnson

The jury is still out on Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) CEO Rex Johnson's fate this morning after HTA leaders met yesterday to discuss his future with the agency. A state auditor discovered pornographic material on Johnson's government e-mail account in June and reported it to the state legislature, some members of which have called for his resignation.

According to local reports, the HTA executive board held a six-hour, closed-door meeting during which leaders heard negative—and positive—testimony from more than 50 locals, including hospitality officials and members of Johnson’s own staff, on whether Johnson should be fired for distributing porn to friends from his work e-mail. The board declined to say, however, whether a decision had been made after it adjourned shortly before 8:30 p.m. local time.

Johnson has admitted to the pornographic e-mails, saying he received the messages from his "fishing and baseball buddies" and forwarded them on to other friends. He has said none of the e-mails were sent to co-workers or business contacts.

More to come.