New Poll Finds Planners Actively Promoting Passports

In the latest survey on the home page of, more than 110 planners weighed in on the question, "In the past year, have you reminded or educated your meeting attendees about getting passports so that you can possibly hold meetings in foreign destinations?"

In a sign that the world is getting smaller when it comes to meetings, conferences, trade shows, and incentive-travel programs fully 70 percent of planners answered yes to the question, while just 30 percent said no.

One likely reason is that Caribbean island nations, the site of many meetings and incentives, are now subject to U.S. passport regulations for travel between them and the U.S. Only Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands do not require a passport form U.S residents.

What's more, even meetings in the U.S. are seeing larger numbers of attendees coming from overseas.

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