Los Angeles Tourism Board Changes Name

Over the years, many destination marketing organizations have changed their names to reflect what they do, as opposed to what they are. In Wichita, Kan., for instance, there's Go Wichita. In Denver, there's VISIT DENVER. And in Minneapolis, there's Meet Minneapolis. In Los Angeles, however, the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau is taking a different approach, designed to be more expository than expressive: To make it more obvious to its customers what services it provides — and where — it's changed its name from LA INC. to the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, it announced this week.

"We spent a great deal of time discussing the merits of reframing our organization's name to make it more consistent with our strategic goal of capturing more convention, meeting, and leisure tourism business," said Mark Liberman, president and CEO of Los Angeles Tourism. "Our former name, LA INC., did not reference the industry that we serve, nor did it clearly delineate our Los Angeles geography to our growing number of international visitors."

Tourism is a leading industry in Los Angeles, providing one out of every 10 jobs throughout the destination, according to Don Skeoch, chief marketing officer for Los Angeles Tourism.

"With an estimated 43 million total visitors, Los Angeles presently ranks third behind Orlando and New York City as one of the country's leading tourist destinations; and in 2012, we anticipate establishing a new record for tourism in the city, with nearly 45 million visitors," he said.