Long Beach Introduces All-City Merchant, Consumer Discount Card

For $10, meeting attendees and tourists in Long Beach, Calif., can purchase a new all-city merchant and consumer card that gives them access to discounts and deals throughout the city, the card's creator, CTC Destination and Meeting Management, announced last week.

Called the "Long Beach City Plus Pass," the card is good for 30 days and is accepted by more than 150 merchants throughout Long Beach that are offering discounts of up to 20 percent on their products and services.

"It's primarily driven by the need to provide assistance to consumers and merchants alike who are currently feeling the downside of today's economic environment," Long Beach City Plus Pass CEO Michelle Manire said of the new program.

Long Beach City Plus Passes may be purchased by meeting planners to include in registration packets, sold via conference websites or purchased ad hoc by individual attendees. A version of the pass also is available for Long Beach residents.

"The [Long Beach City Plus Pass] is a great benefit to Long Beach and its residents, businesses and visitors," said Joel Perler, vice president of membership development at the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. "It's one more example of how great our city is — it's diverse, fun, and so warm and welcoming. I am very excited about this program."

Residents and conference attendees can identify a participating merchant by looking online, looking for the "Long Beach City Plus Pass" static window sticker on site, scanning the QR code on the back of their discount card or calling 1-800-829-6999. For more information, visit www.lbcpp.com.