Langham Hospitality Group Launches New Program for Chinese Groups

Along with its economic and political influence, China's meetings industry is growing. In response, Langham Hospitality Group, Hong Kong, has introduced a new program catering to groups from mainland China.

The program includes four components:

• Ying Specialties serves groups before and during their travels by providing planners with quotes in either the local currency or in Chinese renminbi; by presenting contracts in Simplified Chinese; and by allowing incidentals to be settled through UnionPay, China's only domestic bank card association.

• Ying Welcome greets guests with local information that's written in Simplified Chinese, as well as directions to the nearest Chinatown and Mandarin-speaking colleagues, who can assist with translations and arrange for transportation.

• Ying In-Room provides guests with in-room amenities such as Chinese tea, Chinese television stations and Chinese-language newspapers.

• Ying Cuisine offers a menu of traditional Chinese dishes such as dim sum, congee and noodles.

"In Chinese culture, 'Ying' is an auspicious word meaning 'abundance,'" said Langham Hospitality Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing Simon Manning. "Therefore, it's only appropriate that the new program is specially designed to provide Chinese guests with an abundance of home comforts during their stay."

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