September 06, 2019


The art of sword making is highlighted at this new museum and event venue.

Tokyo's legendary appeal as a MICE destination has received a powerful boost this year, thanks to the recent debut of Tokyo Unique Venues, a one-stop service desk formed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB). This new service makes it even easier for meeting planners to discover the best option for their event from the city's diverse array of venues. 

Offering an enticing blend of centuries-old history and 21st-century cutting-edge sophistication, Japan's capital is home to sites that range from beautiful shrines and temples to world-class art museums and exciting theme parks. The experienced event managers at the Tokyo Unique Venues service desk are well versed in matching planners with the perfect venue and ideal experiences that fit the interests of each group that visits.

New Japanese Sword Museum Highlighted During Special Showcase Event 

During a special showcase event in July, TCVB provided a group of C-level executives with an especially in-depth introduction to some of the city's most interesting cultural venues. The gathering provided inspiration for planners looking to up the ante with unique and authentically Japanese experiences.  

Attendees enjoyed locally-sourced Japanese sake.


Sushi and native delicacies were offered to event guests.
The special showcase event featured a full program of activities at the Japanese Sword Museum, which is dedicated to the revered art of swordmaking. Participants witnessed fascinating sword-polishing demonstrations as well as action-packed ninja performances, complemented by drinks from a Tokyo sake bar, tasty Edo-Tokyo vegetables and jazz music played with traditional Japanese instruments. The new museum, which opened in a strikingly modern building in 2018, is located within the lovely The Former Yasuda Garden, which was once the garden of a feudal lord during the Edo period that ran from 1603 to 1868.
The Japanese Sword Museum is ideal for intimate events for up to 100 guests.


The event garnered rave reviews from participants. "Japanese sword culture is also popular overseas, and I think this venue would be ideal for new product launches." Another participant praised the many unique, social-media-friendly photo opportunities, while yet another noted that the museum is perfect for high-level VIPs and executives. "It was a wonderful event that showcased the Japanese character, such as the sake bar and Japanese instrument jazz," said one participant. Another guest observed that "the building is harmonious with the garden and I think it would be perfect when combined with watching Sumo tournaments at the nearby Ryogoku Kokugikan." 

Upcoming Showcase Events Slated For a Garden, Temple and Unique Home 

TCVB is planning more exciting showcase events for the coming months. 

Slated as a featured destination for an October showcase event is Shibamata, a traditional neighborhood in the Katsushika area famous for its beautiful Buddhist temple Daikyoji, founded in 1629. In Shibamata, participants will "go local" by checking out the shopping and also experiencing the enticing culture of the Katsushika downtown area. 

The Maeda family residence is another noteworthy venue that's sure to wow when it welcomes participants in one of TCVB's future showcase events in December. The former home of one of Japan's wealthiest feudal lords, the sumptuous, Western-style house was built in the 1920s. 

Among the venues scheduled to host upcoming events is the picturesque Kiyosumi Garden, which is graced with a peaceful pond, man-made hills and large rocks brought from around the nation in the 19th century. Guests can enjoy the scenery with welcome drinks outdoors before savoring a tasty traditional meal in the Taisho Kinenkan, a stately, traditional-style memorial hall built to honor Emperor Taisho, who died in 1926. This showcase event will introduce participants to still more experiences unique to Tokyo, and give them the chance to admire the stunning early cherry blossoms.

Tokyo Unique Venues Are Your Key to Outstanding MICE Venues

The Tokyo Unique Venues website offers 57 distinctive venues for meetings and events.

The Tokyo Unique Venues staff handles everything from fielding organizer inquiries to introducing event spaces and suggesting event plans, and can also help to coordinate as events take place. TCVB, which already lists 58 facilities on its new Unique Venues Website, is always working to develop even more interesting venues and experiences for groups. 

As the only city in Asia with a one-stop desk for unique venues, Tokyo is showcasing its outstanding MICE venue options like never before. For more information, visit