GRCVB Debuts New, Re-branded Raleigh

Introduced to more than 150 tourism, hospitality and civic leaders at a special launch event this week, the new GRCVB brand includes a new look and feel that is featured in a new logo, on a new Web site and within a new advertising campaign.

"We have spent the past 15 months working with our board, brand strategy task force, hospitality partners, branding and advertising agencies, and many other stakeholders to create a positive image which reflects that Greater Raleigh is at the heart of the new Southeast," GRCVB President and CEO Denny Edwards said in a statement.

In order to build that "positive image," Edwards and his team focused their re-branding efforts around four key adjectives—dynamic, smart, unexpected and celebratory—all of which GRCVB presents in its new marketing and sales collateral as attributes possessed by Raleigh, and as reasons for visiting it.

"The goal of developing our new brand is for it to become not only the GRCVB's new brand, but for it to become a community brand," Edwards continued. "We hope that businesses throughout Wake County can embrace the brand's attributes and use them in promoting their services for a consistent message."

The most anticipated pieces of the new GRCVB brand are its revised logo and Web site. The former, titled "Pulse," features 12 multi-colored squares in various shades of green, red, blue and purple, intended to represent the region's green environment, the city's strength and vitality, and the area's general elegance and sophistication. The latter features a design similar to that of the new logo and includes several new functions, including tools that let users book hotel rooms online and submit RFPs electronically via the Web site. Both feature the phrase "visitraleigh" as a central call to action.

To see the new GRCVB brand in action, visit