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Groups Tap Into Florida's Eco Adventures

Here are five eco-themed activities that meeting groups can enjoy when they're in Florida

Dolphins are remarkable creatures. As smart as they are cute, they use sonar to "see" and can tell from 100 feet away whether an object is made of wood, plastic or metal. They can hear frequencies 10 times the upper limit of adult humans, jump 20 feet in the air, recognize themselves in the mirror and understand as many as 60 human words. Plus, they have the longest memory of any creature in the animal kingdom.

Clearly, dolphins are amazing. If you're wondering what they have to do with meetings and events, however, you should ask Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Fla., which hosted a "Whale Done Educational Retreat" for meeting and event planners Sept. 20-23. During the retreat, meeting professionals experienced firsthand a unique teambuilding experience engineered by animal trainer Thad Lacinak, co-author with Ken Blanchard, Chuck Tompkins and Jim Ballard of "Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships."

Although it was hosted by Hammock Beach Resort, Lacinak's presentation took place at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, a marine mammal park that's known for its dolphins. During the program, Lacinak used 15 Atlantic dolphins as a metaphor for how to create positive communications between corporate team members.

It's just one example among many of unique ecological experiences that groups can take advantage of when they're meeting in Florida. Go to NorthstarMeetingsGroup.com for the full list of four additional adventures.