Ireland's Dromoland Castle Wraps $23 Million Renovation

Ireland is teeming with historic castles where groups can host meetings and events, including the newly refurbished Dromoland Castle in County Clare

Dromoland Castle - Ireland

Ireland is known for its fresh Guinness, its friendly pubs and its bright green landscapes. And also, its castles, whose historic charm can instantly transform a visitor's travel experience from "average" to "enchanting."

One of those castles -- Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland -- has just completed a $23 million renovation and refurbishment, it announced yesterday.

Built in the 16th century, Dromoland Castle is surrounded by over 450 acres of quintessential Irish scenery, including a championship parkland golf course. Intended to preserve its historic character while also updating it for modern generations, the castle's refurbishment was overseen by members of the Irish Georgian Society, whose charge is protecting and preserving Ireland's architectural heritage. Incorporating a mix of traditional craftsmanship and new technology, the project encompassed the castle's 97 guest rooms, its dining and lounge areas, its public spaces, its spa, its indoor pool and its stone façade, all of which were restored and revitalized.

"We've been refurbishing the property for over a year, ensuring the finest comforts while staying true to our noble roots," said Dromoland Managing Director Mark Nolan. "Given the impressive scale of the space, we've successfully mixed patterns and textures to create harmonious and luxurious rooms. Natural light from generous windows allows the rich color scheme to work by day, while ensuring the rooms are just as cozy and welcoming in the evening, lit by antique chandeliers. We embraced change while honoring and protecting the symbols of legacy."

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