Denver CVB Adopts New Name, 'VISIT DENVER'

After hosting the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August, the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) has officially adopted a new, simpler trade name: VISIT DENVER. The name change, which took effect on Nov. 13, represents an effort by the CVB to improve its brand recognition and marketability.

"The Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau is a mouthful of a name that everyone from the mayor to our own board of directors has trouble remembering and saying," DMCVB President Richard Scharf said in a statement. "The tipping point came when our own national industry, the International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus changed their name to the Destination Marketing Association International."

Embracing the concept of "destination marketing," several other major CVBs, including bureaus in New York and Los Angeles, have changed their names in recent years to make them shorter and more memorable. DMCVB wanted to follow their example.

"Our challenge was to find a 21st Century name that would be easy to remember and enunciate, be consistent with our brand and have a call to action," Scharf said.

After conducting focus groups with board members, meeting planners, city officials and residents, DMCVB finally settled on VISIT DENVER, which it debuted at its 99th annual meeting earlier this month.

"This doesn't change how we market Denver, the Mile High City or the city's brand," Scharf continued. "It's for our internal stakeholders—residents, city and our members."

In concert with its name change, DMCVB now has a new logo and is operating a new Web site at