Convene Announces Fourth New York Conference Center

Just two months after opening its third facility, New York-based conference center developer and operator Convene has finalized plans for its fourth — 101 Park Ave., near iconic Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan — it announced this week.

Scheduled to open in November 2013, the 20,000-square-foot conference center will be located on the ground floor of a 49-floor skyscraper, where it will be equipped to host groups of 10 to 200 people. Convene’s first ground-floor venue, the company says it signals a move toward retail locations.

As part of the design process for 101 Park, Convene and its design firm, Gensler, created a “kit of parts” that will be used to create a consistent, “branded” design at the new venue, as well as future Convene conference centers. The kit includes custom furniture, fixtures, technology, food and beverage offerings, signage and branding.

As with Convene’s existing conference centers, 101 Park’s design will be “human-centered,” meaning it will put front and center the needs and activities of the people who will be utilizing the space.

“From the inception of our business in 2009, we have focused on creating a new category of conference center by reimagining how service and design could be combined to improve the meeting experience,” says Christopher Kelly, principal and co-founder of Convene. “Through our human-centered design process, we developed 24 principles which were the criteria for the design and will be implemented in their entirety for the first time at Convene 101 Park.”

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