Chills and Thrills

Meeting during the dog days of summer? Then have your attendees shivering in fear on a ghost tour.

A ghost tour offers an interesting, and spooky, window into the historic, social, and business aspects of a destination. Here are some of the more popular tours around the United States.

They'll Think They've Been Smoking Something
The Haunted Haight Walking Tour is an evening journey through the local "haunts" of San Francisco's famous Haight- Ashbury district. The host, a founder of The San Francisco Ghost Society introduces groups to the many ghosts, witches, and the macabre history of Haight- Ashbury. Price includes a detailed guidebook with map, flashlight and "spooky" goodie-bag filled with tricks and treats. That's awesome dude! (

Snake Eyes
According to Robert Allen, creator of Haunted Vegas Tours, there are more than 21 places where paranormal activity has been documented in Las Vegas. His spirited and spooky ghost tour will take you to the haunting grounds of such noteworthy characters as Bugsy Siegel, Liberace, Redd Foxx, and Elvis Presley. (

Spooky Gumbo
Of course New Orleans has ghosts! How could it not? Its also got licensed, master storytellers who will weave groups through the haunted shadows of the French Quarter and thrill themwith tales of ghosts, vampires, hauntings, pirates, and even voodoo. (

Originally published Aug. 1, 2010