Amex Announces Global Advisory Service

Atlanta -- American Express Business Travel yesterday announced a service that deals with all aspects of companies' global travel, including meetings, in a comprehensive manner.

The company's Advisory Services develops corporate travel policies and company-wide travel procurement programs as well as managing program logistics.

"We took every product, service, solution, tool, and person that brought savings to a customer and brought it to together under one organization--and it's global," said Andy McGraw , senior vice president and general manager of North America for American Express Business Travel, at a press conference during the Association for Corporate Travel Executives Global Education Conference here.

Spearheaded by 200 analysts and subject-matter experts, Advisory Services incorporates the company's Corporate Meetings Solutions; the policy and online adoption consulting groups; and eCLIPSE, the travel procurement operation acquired in the 2003 purchase of Rosenbluth International.

McGraw said the new service, which was launched last year but just now publicly announced, was created in response to the increasing globalization of business as well as the corporate move toward travel procurement programs. "If you look how the world has moved and that the decisions now sit clearly in finance and procurement, this is exactly what our customers said they are looking for," McGraw said.

Advisory Services is managed by Mike Streit , a vice president and a 12-year American Express veteran who has led re-organizations in American Express's Tax and Business Services, Global Procurement Office, and Global Real Estate.