3 Days in Seoul

Seoul's skyline inspires 
Those visiting Seoul may find their senses overwhelmed. Fragrant spices, spectacular ancient temples, bustling street scenes, mouthwatering meals, and beautifully embroidered silks are just a few of the experiences to be had in one of the world’s most fascinating cities.
Day 1: Step Into the Past
10:00 AM        
After a meticulous five-year, $23-million restoration, one of South Korea’s most treasured national landmarks, 600-year-old Sungnyemun (above) — also known as Namdaemun or the Great South Gate — reopened last month following a devastating fire in 2008. For another spectacular historical landmark, travel north to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Changdeokgung Palace. bit.ly/smSungnyemun
12:00 PM        
Dine in one of the Insa-dong district’s lovely restaurants — Doore (traditional Korean) and Mingadaheon (fusion) are standouts — and then stroll through its many tea shops and art galleries, or pick up a souvenir along the way. Korean hydrangea, or sweet dew tea as it is sometimes known, is especially refreshing. www.visitseoul.net
4:00 PM         
One of Seoul’s most beautiful museums is the Korea Furniture Museum, which contains more than 2,000 pieces of furniture from the Joseon Dynasty’s 500-year reign beginning at the end of the 14th century, as well as 10 intricately designed hanok (traditional Korean houses). www.kofum.com
Day 2: See and Taste the Sights
10:00 AM         
Starting in the Yongsan district, head to Namsan Park, home to a lush botanical garden as well as the striking N Seoul Tower, the best place for panoramic city views. While there, don’t miss the thousands of love padlocks chained along the perimeter fence. 
1:00 PM      
It’s hard to travel to Korea without sampling some of its famous barbecues, also known as gogi-jip (meat houses). One of the biggest establishments, Gombawi, in the Gangnam district, is known for its unseasoned, charcoal-grilled tripe and more than 20 different cuts of quality beef. www.gbw.co.kr
8:00 PM
Seoul is renowned for its variety of nonverbal performances, and one of its most famous involves the unlikely combination of ballet and breakdancing. See a performance of “Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy,” a musical told strictly through dance that has enchanted audiences around the world since 2005. www.showbboy.com
Day 3: Glimpse the Future
10:00 AM                       
See what the future of technology holds at T.um (short for “Telecom Ubiquitous Museum”). Whether you check out the shopping avatars or the self-driving cars, you’ll leave amazed. Reservations are required. http://tum.sktelecom.com
1:00 PM   
Thanks to South Korean rapper Psy, everyone knows about “Gangnam Style.” To experience this posh neighborhood firsthand, start with a stroll through 10 Corso Como. www.10corsocomo.co.kr 
3:00 PM

After you’ve had your fill of shopping and fine dining in Gangnam, head to the supremely serene Bongeunsa temple, which is also located in Gangnam. http://bongeunsa.org/eng/