$100 a Day: South Africa

As part of our February story on giving your budget a boost by using a destination management company, we asked some of the experts from DMCs across the country to plan activities in popular destinations - for under $100 a day. Here's the scoop on South Africa:

Visit a world-class wine estate, with breathtaking views and a superb lunch.  
Spend a day exploring the Cape Point Reserve (the most south Eastern tip of Africa), whale watching, and enjoying great seafood overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Something that is very prolific within Africa is the massive need for assistance in poor areas. As a DMC we can offer sustainable “give back” opportunities for groups, where money is not really the issue but time and expertise are. Building a preschool; starting a vegetable garden from which the children can start feeding schemes for themselves and other students; or simply giving a half-day of what you do best (reading to a school class, playing soccer with the local school team, making balloon animals) are all available options that cost $100 a day or less.

- Yolanda Woeke-Jacobs, DragonFly Africa