'Biggest Loser' Resort Coming to Chicago, Will Cater to Corporate Groups

In 2009, NBC’s popular weight-loss reality TV show “The Biggest Loser” took its message to the masses when it opened the first Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah. Since then, it’s opened two other resorts — in Malibu, Calif., and Niagara, N.Y. — which will soon be joined by a fourth in the Midwest, Biggest Loser Resort parent company Fitness Ridge Worldwide announced last month.

Located in the Chicago suburb of Itasca, Ill., The Biggest Loser Resort – Chicago will open in May within the Eaglewood Resort and Spa, which has 295 guest rooms and 37,000 square feet of meeting space on 106 acres. A response to repeated requests from guests in the Midwest, who asked for a destination closer to home, the resort will focus on exercise, nutrition and wellness for individuals as well as corporate groups, the latter of which will be a major target for the property.

“Expanding into Chicago is a very exciting step for us, and this resort will allow us to continue our expansion into corporate wellness,” says Fitness Ridge CEO Larry Bond. “Workforce health care costs are continuing to spiral out of control. One way to stem these costs is to prevent the chronic and complex diseases linked to being overweight and obese. Companies will now be able to combine traditional corporate training and retreats with a wellness solution that can work within the parameters of their business meeting. Our corporate wellness programs provide employees with a really fun way to learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and also promote teambuilding. We are able to provide these opportunities to corporations because our boot camp style program is continuously embraced as the best weight-loss spa in the business.”

Biggest Loser Resorts offer a minimum one-week wellness and weight loss program that combines morning hikes and an array of daily fitness classes, including kickboxing, yoga, spinning, biking, water aerobics and others — all under the supervision of certified personal trainers. In addition, resorts feature onsite health practitioners, dietitians and nutrition experts, as well as executive chefs who prepare calorie-conscious meals.

For corporate groups, The Biggest Loser Resort – Chicago will offer a choice of more than 100 games and activities that foster team building with exercise, ranging from weight workouts to capture the flag. To appeal to a wider swath of corporate meeting attendees, it also will offer programs that address health problems other than weight loss, such as hypertension and smoking cessation.

“Recognizing the pressures of everyday life, The Biggest Loser Resorts have become a wonderful vacation destination to focus on one’s own health and well-being,” says Monica Austin, senior vice president, business and brand development, at Shine America, producer of “The Biggest Loser” TV show. “By having more resort locations, we hope to make it easier for people to enjoy the experiences in gorgeous settings that might be closer to their homes.”

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