Top 10 Things That Annoy Air Travelers

Flying is wonderful. Without it, it would take meeting planners and attendees days to visit places they can reach by plane in hours. And yet, air travel isn't always pleasant. That's why fare collection company Genfare recently surveyed 2,000 frequent flyers about their most vexing travel annoyances. Here, their top 10:

10. Reclining seat (15 percent)

9. Rushing to get off plane as soon as it gets to the gate (15 percent)

8. Snoring (15 percent)

7. Seat pulled back or leaned on (17 percent)

6. Drunk passenger (18 percent)

5. Inattentive parents (21 percent)

4. Talkative passenger (23 percent)

3. Body odor (26 percent)

2. Crying baby/child (27 percent)

1. Getting seat kicked (54 percent)

Source: Genfare