The Top 10 High-Tech Airports in the U.S.

MN airport - 370

Anyone who has traveled around the U.S. knows that the nation's airports range from high-tech (Minneapolis-St. Paul) to...well, not so high-tech (New York City's LaGuardia).

Here are ten high-tech airports that go beyond just having great Wi-Fi. One of these airports even directs drivers to empty parking spots--now that's progress. According to Fodor's Travel, these are the top ten high-tech airports in the U.S. (listed in alphabetical order):

10. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
"Charging the way--literally--to eco-friendly advancements, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has recently installed 48 electric car charging stations in its parking garage."

9. San Francisco International Airport 
"The airport has also drawn inspiration from the modern-day, high-tech office, providing an 850-square foot co-working space, #Converge@flySFO, where abundant power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and a floor-to-ceiling erasable white board are free to use for all travelers."

8. Sacramento International Airport 
"Most ingenious in the terminal's operations is its 'common-use gate system,' an open-source gate setup allowing for any airline to operate out of any gate."

7. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (pictured above)
"[P]lan to arrive early enough to enjoy one of the terminal's 1200 integrated iPads throughout Delta's Concourse are able to tap and swipe their way through the virtual menu to customize orders that are delivered to their tables or gates in fifteen minutes or less."

6. McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
"Terminal 3's new self-boarding podiums allow passengers to scan their boarding pass and enter a secured door without the help of an attendant."

5. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 
  "Recent advancements in high-tech marketing incorporate QR codes on advertisements throughout the airport, rewarding customers who scan the codes with special promotions and discounts in the airport's shops and restaurants."

4. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
"Upgrading the structure with sensors and lights above each parking space, red and green signals provide drivers real-time information on unoccupied spaces, dramatically reducing the stress of seeking out an available spot."

3. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
"Through monitoring travelers' smartphones and Wi-Fi-equipped devices, BlipTrack is able to identify congested areas and display wait times for security checkpoints, assuaging anxiety of long lines."

2. Chicago O'Hare International Airport
"Partnering with two apps, FlySmart and B4 You Board, O'Hare offers fresh meal delivery to your gate, along with a host of other navigation features, special offers, and flight status updates."

1. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
"As one of the first airports in the country to feature Wi-Fi back in 2000, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has always been on the forefront of tech-forward travel."

Source: Fodor's Travel