The Top 10 Airline Etiquette Tips

airplane interior - 370

"It seems more people today aren't traveling with their manners," says Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert and former flight attendant. Perhaps it's no surprise, given the long lines, small seats, and general unpleasantness of air travel, that passengers often forget to be on their best behavior. Try to be a more courteous traveler by following Whitmore's top ten airline etiquette tips:

10. Be a good parent."There's probably not much that parents can do about a screaming baby, but sometimes parents forget to mind older children."

9. Hold your tongue. "If you have an issue with a passenger, it's best to take it up with the flight attendant first versus taking matters into your own hands."

8. Allow those in front of you to disembark first. "It's strange how people will patiently endure a ten-hour flight, yet a ten-minute wait to get off the plane seems like torture."

7. It's OK to shoot down a chatty seatmate, but do it politely.
 "Sometimes if I don't want to talk, I'll put my earphones on immediately after I sit down. That sends a clear signal."

6. Be respectful of those around you.
 "Be aware that there are certain foods that permeate the cabin," Whitmore says. "So when you bring on that big Philly cheesesteak with onions and green peppers, that's gonna make the plane smell." 

5. Armrest Rules.
 "The person stuck in the middle should have domain over both of the two middle armrests."

4. Check before you recline. "Do it slowly and take a peek behind you because that person might have a laptop or food on their tray table." 

3. Help someone who's struggling with their bags. "It's just the kind thing to do," says Whitmore, "instead of just sitting there watching them struggle." 

2. Don't pack more than you can lift.
 "If you can't lift it, check it." 

1. Prepare ahead of time.
 "Being late to the airport, getting stuck in a long security line, being told your bag's too heavy to carry on - these are all preventable mistakes that can lead to great stress."

Source: Yahoo! Travel