The Top 10 Air Travel Pet Peeves

baggage claim - 370

The holiday season is nearly upon us, bringing with it the annual rituals of spending time with family, catching up with old friends, enjoying home-cooked meals--and complaining about travel. This year, United States airlines will carry 24.6 million passengers during the twelve days surrounding Thanksgiving, with the heaviest of these days (Nov. 30) seeing a whopping 2.6 million air passengers.

New research compiled by the travel app TripIt sheds light on the most annoying things travelers do in airports and on planes. Perhaps if everyone keeps these in mind, this holiday travel season will go a little smoother for all. Here are TripIt's top 10 air travel pet peeves:

10. People who block the aisles during a flight
9. Those that rush off the plane versus waiting for passengers in front to exit
8. Travelers that hog the carry-on bin
7. People that bring stinky food on the plane
6. Those that recline their seat into your seating area
5. People blocking the baggage claim area for others
4. Travelers talking loudly on the plane
3. Someone that crowds your seat and/or hogs the "extra" middle seat
2. People who don't discipline their children when they're are misbehaving or disturbing other passengers
1. Travelers being rude to crew / staff

Source: TripIt