The 10 Most Frustrating Air Travel Rules

Inc. came up with this list of the worst rules governing air travel. Did your pet peeve make the list?

1. Turn Off Electronic Devices
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) still bans the use of electronic devices, including e-readers and smartphones, when an airplane is not at cruising altitude.

2. Remove Your Shoes
Unless you're 75 years of age or older or one of the early birds who signed up for the TSA's Pre-Check you'll need a good, thick pair of socks the next time you fly.

3. Toss Your Liquids
The TSA says anything over 3.4 ounces (not 3 ounces as many people think!) is your treasure and their trash.

4. Shoe Inserts
Gel shoe inserts are verboten, and yet gel-filled push-up bras are just fine.

5. Please Stay in Your Seats
Domestic flights have a three-hour tarmac delay limit, but passengers can only leave their seats with the captain's say-so.

6. Your Name Must Match
The TSA's Secure Flight requirements crack down on any discrepancy between the name on your boarding pass and on your government-issued ID, even a missing middle name or initial.

7. Your Luggage is Too Heavy
Even if bags are within the required size they may not meet the airlines' weight requirements, which are moving targets at this point.

8. No Snow Globes
For all you Grinches: Snow globes are still on the TSA’s list of potentially dangerous carry-on items.

9. No Good Sports
Sports equipment protocol is its own headache: ski poles, golf clubs, pool cues, and lacrosse sticks must be checked, but carry-on hand weights and ice skates are allowed.

10. Reward Cancellation Penalty
Delta SkyMiles members who change or cancel an awards flight within 72 hours or less of departure forfeit their reward. Ouch.

Source: Inc.