What is a Successful Meetings University Event?

How do you decide on a property or destination without having been there first? Our program brings you to the cities, resorts, convention centers, and hotels you need to see before you book.

Our Successful Meetings University Events enable you to get out of the office to see and get a “hands on” feel for different cities and destinations and get the research you need for upcoming meetings or events done in three days.

Meet face-to-face with different independent destinations, ask questions and get the answers you need to make informed decisions about upcoming meetings or events - all in three days time. How is that for efficient?

What we provide our attendees:

* An unbiased look at properties and destinations
* Educational sessions
* Team building exercises
* A real chance to compare notes with other planners who plan in the same areas you do
* Face-to-face meetings with independent properties and destinations in 20 minute intervals
* On-site inspections of various different properties *
* A chance to see the area which your meeting or event would be held
* Airfare
* Ground transportation and overnight accommodations
* Networking opportunities
* An in-person “no strings attached” opportunity to see of the properties you have been researching

If you have any questions or would like more information please e-mail Emily Lewis Emily.Lewis@nielsen.com

Apply to one of our Successful Meetings University Events today!

* Does not include the International - Successful Meetings University