The Business Benefits of CSR

Virginia Beach beach shot

CSR - corporate social responsibility - is a way of life in many industries, including the meetings business. But we're only beginning to measure how important it is to the health of companies and individuals overall. 

Consider this: companies that invest in their CSR programs for at least four years reported greater success with business objectives than companies who don't, according to a study done by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. In fact, effective CSR can increase the market value of a company by 4 to 6%. CSR can also reduce the employee turnover rate by as much as 50%.

The days are gone when bosses need to be convinced that CSR is viable. They're getting the message. The majority of executive respondents stated that corporate citizenship helps them successfully achieve strategic goals. The number of companies directing these activities from the C-Suite has increased nearly 75 percent compared to five years ago.

A meetings destination that offers CSR activities has a clear advantage for forward-thinking companies like these. Taking time for community service in a meeting agenda represents an added dimension that complements a CSR-focused company strategy.

A common cause
Boiling down the benefit of CSR: Working together to make a difference is a powerful way to create the collaborative spirit that's essential to a successful meeting. One way you can tap into that power is through One Beach One World, an extensive program from Virginia Beach's Convention & Visitors Bureau. 

When you set your meeting in Virginia Beach, One Beach One World offers:
> Meaningful experiences that delegates and attendees value;
> Shared enrichment that strengthens bonds among collaborators;
> The chance to make an impact through volunteer efforts.

Making a difference

Corporate social responsibility in Virginia Beach is a major step above most other destinations. The coastal location combined with the area's military connections offer unique ways to forge a CMS-based event. 

Here are some ways that Virginia Beach is partnering with the community to:
>Restore & protect the environment: Lynnhaven River Now and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
>Support the armed forces: the USO or Hampton Roads
>Combat homelessness, hunger and domestic violence: Virginia Beach United Methodist Church: the Potter's House
>Assist youth and the elderly: Seton Youth Shelters/Mother Seton House, Inc.
>General service to the community: Volunteer Hampton Roads, as well as international outreach.

For more information on how to use the many CSR programs available in Virginia Beach to motivate and engage your group, click here.