Event App Usage Trends

A large majority of meeting planners are using apps to help plan and execute meetings

event app usage 6

In July, Successful Meetings surveyed 120 meeting planners to get their feedback on how they are integrating apps into the planning process. Here is how they responded.

Which devices do you use as tools to assist you in the planning process?

Laptop or desktop: 98.3%
Smartphone: 74.6%
iPad or other tablet: 55.9%

Do you use any software on your laptop/desktop specifically designed for meeting planning?

Yes: 33.9%
No: 66.1%

On which devices do you use apps specifically designed for meeting planning?

Smartphone: 28.9%    
iPad or tablet: 30.7%    
Don't use smartphone or tablet apps for meeting planning: 61.4%  

What is the main challenge that meeting apps help you to overcome?

Check-in/registration: 12.7%    
Attendee engagement on social media: 11.0%    
Capturing survey feedback: 9.3%    
Interaction with speakers/educational sessions: 6.8%  
Attendee networking during conference: 5.9%    
Attendee networking pre/post conference: 3.4%    
Build community with attendees over multiple events: 5.9%    
Pressure to go green (reduce printed materials): 12.7%    
Other: 32.2%    

When planning a meeting, How do you manage documents pertaining to the event?

I store my documents electronically: 29.3%    
I store my documents in an event binder: 8.6%    
I do both: 62.1%    

What meeting planning functions do you use apps to manage?

Facility search: 51.3%    
Planning tools (tip calculators, room layouts, etc.): 50.0%    
Photos and videos: 53.9%    
Budgets and bills: 31.6%    
Contracts, BEOs, RFPs, etc.: 31.6%    
Tips and best practices: 22.4%