2016 Social Media Trends at Meetings

Social media usage at events is on the rise

social media meetings trends

Recently, Successful Meetings sent a survey out to our readership asking them about how they procure goods and services for the meetings they plan. Of the respondents 45 percent were corporate planners, 31 percent worked for associations, and 24 percent were independent or third party planners. Of that pool, 84 percent reported that their organization integrated social media activities into some or all of their events. Here's what else they had to say.

Organizations level of social media activities at events

Some of our events include social media: 50%
All of our events include social media: 34%
None of our events include social media: 16%

How the usage of social media at events is trending
We are increasing our usage: 55%
Our usage is remaining the same: 43%
We are decreasing our usage: 2%

Most popular social media tools for events
Facebook: 89%
Twitter : 70%
LinkedIn: 51%
Instagram: 39%
YouTube: 39%
Pinterest: 9%

Most common usage of social meeting at events

Pre-event promotion: 75%
Attendee engagement at the event: 63%
Build a community over multiple events: 44%
Attendee networking during the event: 42%
Attendee networking pre/post event: 40%
Pre-event networking: 38%
Capturing survey feedback at the event: 29%
Interaction with speakers during sessions: 16%

Biggest obstacles to integrating social media into events
Getting attendees to use it: 61%
Figuring out how to use it: 50%
Getting enough Wi-Fi bandwidth at the hotel: 40%
Censoring improper use of the tool at the event: 27%

How organizations manage their event social media strategies 
We have an informal strategy: 45%
No, we don't have a strategy: 44%
We have a written strategy: 11%

Most common points covered by a social media event strategy

Who is authorized to post on social media: 36%
What the content may/may not include: 36%
Pre-approval process for social media communications: 26%
Process for answering comments/questions about the event: 25%
Punitive actions that may result from improper usage: 10%