2015 Trends in Small Meetings

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Recently, Successful Meetings sent a survey out our readership asking their opinions on small meetings. The survey drew 142 responses. Of that number, 52 percent were corporate planners, 23 percent worked for associations, 25 percent were independent or third party planners, and 3 percent worked in site selection. Here's what they had to say.

What types of destinations will you bring your small meetings to in 2015? (check all that apply)

International: 2.1%
Domestic: 75.4%
Both: 22.5%

What types of properties are you using for your small meetings in 2015? 

Resort: 49.3%
City Center: 57.7%
Airport Hotel: 38.0%
Conference Center: 38.7%
Day Center: 14.1%

On a scale of one to four with one being not important and four being very important, how important are any of the following to the management, procurement, planning, and execution of your small meetings?

Online RFP tools: 2.18
Mobile apps: 1.69
Third party planning companies 1.61
Site selection companies: 1.55

How many of your small meetings will have online components that will permit off site attendees to participate during the face-to-face event?

Less than 10 percent: 71.1%
11-25 percent: 12.7%
26-50 percent: 7.7%
51-75 percent: 4.2%
76-100 percent: 4.2%

On a scale of one to four with one being not challenging and four being very challenging, please rate the following factors on the level of challenge each poses when planning a small meeting.

Negotiating room rates: 2.19
Finding available dates: 2.12
Finding suitable function space onsite: 2.00
Booking speakers: 1.87
Getting what you need from the A/V staff: 1.74
Booking airfare: 1.71
Arranging F&B: 1.67
Creating event themes: 1.66
Getting what you need from the banquet staff: 1.66

On a scale of one to four with one being not effective and four being very effective, what organizational goals do you think small meetings are best suited for?

Training: 3.54
Strategizing: 3.51
Teambuilding: 3.22
Creating corporate culture: 2.82
Promoting the organization: 2.71
Selling product Selling product: 2.53