2015 Site Selection Trends

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In March, Successful Meetings surveyed our readership asking their opinions on the most useful technology for planning their events. We closed the survey with 102 readers having responded; of that number, 53 percent were corporate planners, 29 percent were independent or third party planners, and 18 percent worked for associations. Here's what they had to say.

Please choose the most important factors in making you choose a destination.

Quality of accommodations: 49%    
Room rate: 43%
Hotel F&B costs and quality: 39%    
Quality of service: 32%    
Promotability of destination: 23%
Airfare costs: 20%    
Destination safety: 19%
Amount of airlift or accessibility: 18%    
Overall reputation: 14%
Cultural appeal: 13%    
Dining & nightlife options: 13%    
Golf & other sporting options: 5%    
Past personal experience: 5%    

What are your most common sources of site selection information?

Hotels: 60%
Personal site selection visit: 46%
DMOs, CVBs, Tourist Boards: 44%    
Other Planners: 23%    
Industry publications: 22%    
Group fam trip with other planners: 15%
Online site selection portals such as Cvent and Zentila: 14%
Meeting Industry Associations: 13%    
DMCs: 13%    
Site selection companies: 11%    

On a scale of 1 to 4 (with 1 being not important and 4 being very important), how important is it to be able to find the following content online during the site selection process?

Facility photos: 3.39
Floor plans and meeting capacity charts: 3.34    
F&B information: 3.23
Direct contacts at hotels and venues: 3.22
Meeting services information: 3.17    
Destination information: 3.15    
Amenities information: 3.04    
General information request form: 2.60    
Event calendars for specific destinations: 2.57    
Online RFP: 2.39    
Hot dates: 2.35    
Testimonials or group case studies: 2.35    

On a scale of 1 to 4 (with 1 being not important and 4 being very important), how important are the following features for an online RFP?    

Ability to attach specs: 3.05    
A profile area to highlight special needs: 2.96    
Ability to detail goals of the meeting/event: 2.94    
Real-time availability and group rates: 2.94
Real-time booking for groups: 2.71
Ability to submit via mobile: 2.00    


On a scale of 1 to 4 (with 1 being not satisfied and 4 being very satisfied), how satisfied are you with the experience of using online site selection technology?

Promptness of response: 2.61    
Accuracy of how properties are depicted: 2.60    
Ability to see all options at a destination: 2.56    
Relevance of information asked for on forms: 2.56    
Ability to connect with a live person: 2.54    
Ability to customize forms to match your meeting: 2.46