What is a Successful Meetings University Event?
Successful Meetings has events all over the country. These events are the ideal chance for qualified planners to learn about various unique facilities from knowledgeable suppliers while exchanging ideas and information with other planners. During the program you will conduct site inspections, attend educational workshops, one-on-one appointments with suppliers of your choice and develop new ideas and relationships that lead to better business and better events.

Who qualifies?

  • Corporate/Association/Independent planners of meetings, event, incentive, training/conference programs or conventions, with verifiable meetings history.
  • Planners with groups yielding a minimum of 50 room nights.
  • Planners that are considering the event destination as a meeting destination and have open meeting dates within 24 months of the event for which a site has not been selected (SMU International attendees must have international meetings business).
  • Independent planners must indicate industries served and list specific clients.

Should planners bring RFPs?
We encourage all planners to bring any live RFPs with them. Suppliers are ready and able to book business during the one-on-one appointments.

What is Successful Meetings' policy on guests?
We do not support a guest program for any of our events; therefore, we are unable to accommodate guests at any of the events and are unable to have guests attend any of the functions including the evening receptions. We often offer pre & post stays for discounted rates if a planner would like to take advantage of this opportunity with a guest.

What are one-on-one appointments?
Upon arrival on-site all planners and suppliers will receive a registration packet with sheets for scheduled "appointment sign up time." During a designated time all suppliers will be in their booths and the planners will be able to walk around and set-up appointments with hotels, resorts, DMCs, CVBs of their choice. These appointments last for 20 minutes each and happen during the allotted time on the itinerary. You will hear chimes or a bell to notify when you should move to the next appointment. We encourage planners to sign up for as many appointments as possible.

How does the qualification process work?
When we receive the applications we go through all of them and verify past meeting history as well as call each planner to discuss their upcoming programs for that particular destination.

When will planners be notified if they have been accepted?
Once the initial applications have been processed invitations/RSVP forms are sent out to those planners who have been accepted. We continue to accept planners after that time until either the program is full or we are a week out from the program dates.

Can more than one meeting planner from a company attend?
We have a policy that typically allows only one planner to attend per company. However, exceptions can be made if there is verifiable information that two planners work at the same company but in different departments with separate programs and clients.

Once accepted, what does being a hosted planner entail?
As our invited Successful Meetings University guest, each qualified planner receives complimentary round-trip air fare from most U.S. gateway cities, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, all meals, registration materials, educational sessions and one-on-one business meetings with suppliers of your choice.

Why we ask for your credit card information on the RSVP/invitation?
Since the program is free of charge, if a planner cancels less than 10 days prior to the meeting start date or does not follow the Marketplace guidelines set by Successful Meetings and listed on the RSVP/invitation (below), then we will charge the card in an amount equal to any and all costs incurred by Successful Meetings.

The agreement is as follows:

Successful Meetings stipulates the following agreement with all the marketplace attendees. I acknowledge that my inclusion in this complimentary program limits the time slots available for other planners AND, that Successful Meetings and its partners incur significant expense on my behalf in creation of the Successful Meetings University Event activities, non transferable registration materials and airline transfers.

I agree to respond to all requests for information and communication in a timely fashion and take responsibility for informing Successful Meetings of any change of my plans up to and including cancellation of my intention to participate in the Workshop.

Upon acceptance in this program, I agree to attend all scheduled appointments and Successful Meetings University Event activities in their entirety.

As an invited business guest of Successful Meetings, I acknowledge that I am expected to keep my conduct professional and business-oriented throughout the entire program.

I also agree that if I fail to notify Successful Meetings within 10 days of the program start date of my change in intent to participate in the program OR, if I breach my agreement with regard to the Successful Meetings University conduct/participation (as the RSVP agreement states), I authorize Successful Meetings to charge the credit card provided upon being accepted to the program in an amount equal to any and all costs incurred by Successful Meetings in supporting your participation in the event, including without limitation, all airfare travel costs incurred on my behalf. Successful Meeting shall not be responsible for any additional travel related payments beyond airfare expenses.

Will we charge your card?
We will only charge your card if you breach the agreement.

Are planners required to attend all the functions?
All program functions are mandatory for all attendees.

How does the room block work? Will attendees get a confirmation number?
For planners - once you have sent in your RSVP form and booked your flights we will add you to the rooming list for those dates. Your room nights will be complimentary over the program dates; however, if you extend your stay you will be responsible to pay the rate the hotel offers for the additional nights.

For suppliers - once you send in your registration you must contact the hotel directly to reserve your room.

Attendees of a Successful Meetings University Event will not get a confirmation number for their room since all reservations go through Conference Services and not the front desk. Any changes you need made to your reservation will also have to be done through Successful Meetings.

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