by Matt Alderton | July 26, 2018
If you wake up groggy and foggy, you're not alone: It can take some people hours to wake their brains up in the morning. One of those people is contributor Ariana Ayu, CEO of Ayutopia International.
"As a new mom trying to regain my pre-baby level of efficiency … I have been on a mission to get rid of 'mommy brain.' Sleep is obviously an outstanding way to improve brain function, but when both quality and quantity of sleep are reduced, what else can you do?" Ayu says. "To answer this question, I've been exploring lots of new ways to get my brain back up to speed."

Although the science on it is mixed, Ayu's favorite brain booster has been "Bulletproof Coffee."

"The idea is that instead of a solid breakfast, you have high-quality organic coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil mixed in," Ayu explains. "The goal [is] to keep your body burning fat for fuel by only having fat for breakfast … Your body burns fat overnight, but as soon as you have a carbohydrate or protein, it switches away from fat-burning. As your brain is primarily fat … when your body is burning fat instead of carbohydrates, it's actually feeding the brain with its preferred fuel source (fat)."

Instead of butter and coconut oil, Ayu uses medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which can be purchased at your favorite health-food store. "After over a week of using the MCT oil in my morning coffee at the full dose (1 tablespoon), I noticed a drastic improvement," she reports. "The comparison between how foggy my brain was when I started this experiment and how I feel today is, frankly, shocking." 

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