by Matt Alderton | April 09, 2019
Whether you're a recent college graduate working your first real job, an entrepreneur trying to run a successful start-up or a new executive trying to make a mark in your first leadership role, you've probably struggled at some point with imposter syndrome -- the feeling that you're not good enough, smart enough, experienced enough or skilled enough to have the job that you have.

Fortunately, there might be a cure: In an article for, author Andy Molinsky interviews Yunzhe Zhou, a recent University of Virginia graduate who has overcome her own imposter syndrome with what she calls the "30-day comfort-zone challenge."

"She nudges herself to try something new and outside of her comfort zone every 30 days," Molinsky says. "With this approach, she's gained confidence and skills she never felt she could have."

The idea is simple, according to Zhou. "A comfort-zone challenge is actually an overarching framework to build skills," she tells Molinsky. "With the framework of comfort-zone challenges, you're learning how to gain skills in the most effective way possible and constantly practicing the essential soft skills for work, such as goal-setting and time management."

The experience of constant self-improvement has made her feel confident and capable, Zhou says. "Seeing this growth over and over again proved to me that my accomplishments weren't just 'one-off miracles' and gave me the confidence that I could actually make changes in my life," she notes. "Things that used to seem impossible, like speaking up at meetings, became easy over time. That was incredibly empowering -- knowing that even if I wasn't good enough now, I could always become better at it. There was a shift from fixed mindset (that I was either born with it or not) to growth mindset (that I could develop it through effort)."

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