by Alex Palmer | October 24, 2012
In our November issue, we look at how logistics firm William B. Meyer added power to the launch of their new values statement by turning it into a food and beverage event. A look at the group’s full mission statement and the full menu at its “Chopped” event illustrates how they did it. 

First, the full list of the company’s values and beliefs:
Honesty – We tell the truth
We believe in straight talk, we do not spin facts
Integrity – We do what’s right for the right reasons
We live up to our values, our Customer Service Commitment and the laws of our communities
Dependability – We keep our promises
We do what we say we will do.
Creativity – We look for innovative ways to do things
We leverage our know-how and technology to come up with ways to make our customers, company and environment better off
Stewardship – We protect what has been entrusted to us
We care for our customers’ assets, for our company, for each other and for our environment
Then their “Values and Belief Menu:”

“Honesty” Home Fries
Yukon gold potatoes, sweet onion, smoked paprika, sea salt and scallions.

“Dependable” Grilled New York Sirloin
Sliced, scented with rosemary, garlic, milled black pepper and shallots, artfully garnished.

“Integrity” Danish
Assorted mini Danish.

“Creative” Crepes
Filled with Applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs and shallots.
Topped with cooper sharp American cheese sauce.

Friendship Seasonal “Stewardship” Fruit Salad, using these ingredients:
Star fruit 
Mango puree
Instant puddings
Balsamic vinegar reduction
Goat cheese