by Matt Alderton | November 14, 2012
Meetings app developer QuickMobile has launched a new enterprise-level mobile app solution, it announced today. Called SnapApp, the "self-serve" technology allows large organizations that hold many events every year — for instance, corporations, associations and hotel chains — to quickly create and distribute an unlimited number of branded event apps from within a single interface.

"Many of our clients are trying to solve the problem of rolling out mobile event apps across their entire organization. Now, every department within the enterprise wants a mobile event app for their meetings, but issues such as scalability, cost, branding, flexibility, security, privacy, analytics and overall enterprise distribution continue to inhibit widespread adoption," said QuickMobile President and CEO Patrick Payne. "All of these issues have now been addressed with SnapApp."

SnapApp — which has been beta tested with three large companies, each of which hosts approximately 500 meetings a year — starts with a single, branded master application created by QuickMobile for every customer, which can draw from more than 30 components representing a wide range of features, including instant messaging, social networking, content-sharing, surveys, games and mobile commerce, among others. Next, an organization's event planners use QuickMobile's content management system to select desired features, presentation theme and mobile platforms, producing a custom event app that can be continuously updated with new content. Finally, attendees securely download the branded master app only once, at which point they can unlock each new event from inside the master app.

"SnapApp represents large potential savings in time and money," Payne continued. "Our master app includes all the bells and whistles needed for any event that a company wants to put on throughout the year while requiring a minimum of effort to create unique events that are then accessed through that master app."

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