by Matt Alderton | November 20, 2012
INXPO, a Chicago-based provider of webcasting and virtual events technology, has launched a new version of its Social Business TV (SBTV) platform that blends traditional TV broadcasting and webcasting with social media, it announced last week.

The new platform delivers both live and on-demand video alongside interactive features such as audience chat boxes, live polls and surveys, slide presentations, desktop sharing and activity streams, among others. Using those features, internal or external audience members — for instance, employees, customers, prospects and partners — can engage in dialogue and information sharing before, during or after a broadcast, similar to the way audiences of major TV networks interact online during their favorite programs.

"Businesses today are relying more and more on the Internet for communication purposes," said INXPO CEO Malcolm Lotzof. "While current Internet communication solutions present a message, they don't engage the audience. Sitting at a computer exposes the audience to many distractions thereby making the receipt, understanding and retention of the message challenging. That's a problem in an age where more than 46 million people worldwide work remotely and where employees, customers and partners are just as likely to be across the globe as they are to be right next door."

Using the new SBTV, users can:

• Use interactive components like polls, trivia, group chat and surveys to stay consistently engaged;

• Enjoy moderated Q&As, whereby the presenter can answer relevant questions rather than random inquiries;

• Access social media tools during broadcasts, allowing audiences to interact with each other, clarify and reinforce what they're hearing, and increase information retention;

• Share their feelings regarding the presentation with their social circle, thanks to seamless integration with Salesforce Chatter, Facebook, Jive, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yammer within the viewing screen;

• Access interactive broadcasts indefinitely, since broadcasts are available both live and on demand.

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