by Matt Alderton | September 23, 2016
Health and wellness is an increasingly hot topic at meetings and events. And while meeting planners are working hard to integrate them into their meeting programs, the onus to be healthy ultimately falls on attendees themselves, who can improve their health by making a few simple changes to their diet, according to Angie Murad, wellness dietician at the Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living Program. Here, her top 10 ways to eat healthier.

10. Replace high-calorie sweetened beverages with water, iced tea, or unsweetened fruit juices.

9. Serve fresh fruit for dessert.

8. Have fish as a main course at least twice a week.

7. Have at least two servings of vegetables at dinner.

6. Include at least two servings of vegetables at lunch.

5. Choose coarse whole-grain breads, switch to brown rice, and experiment with whole-wheat flour when baking.

4. Cook with olive, canola, or vegetable oil instead of butter or margarine whenever you can.

3. Lighten your milk by moving down one stop in fat content -- from whole to 2 percent, for instance, or from 1 percent to fat-free.

2. Switch from low-fiber breakfast cereal to lower-sugar, higher-fiber alternatives.

1. Have at least one serving of fruit at each meal and another as snacks during the day.

Source: Mayo Clinic