by Matt Alderton | February 21, 2016
Health and wellness continues to grow as a trend at meetings and events. An easy way to incorporate it into programming is to add to the agenda meditation, which studies have shown can lead to reduced anxiety and depression as well as increased attention and well-being. Adding it to the agenda will be especially easy if you're meeting in any of the following destinations, which comprise's list of the "Top 10 American Cities for Meditation":

10. Minneapolis

Says "Teeming with theater, music, and green spaces, Minneapolis ... [has] embraced meditation in recent years. The Mayo Clinic in neighboring Rochester has also brought meditation into its integrative medicine practices."

9. Austin, TX

Says "With a population of just under a million, the 'weird city' has developed the reputation for being one of the coolest, most intellectual, and most creative cities in the U.S. It's not surprising that citizens would be into trying out meditation as a way to enhance mental health and well-being."

8. Boston

Says "Harvard University, and nearby UMass, have carried out some of the most compelling neuroscientific research on meditation. In fact, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMass. And Mass General's Benson-Henry Institute was one of the first to study meditation's role in calming the body, a.k.a. the relaxation response. The progressive past and present of the city may make it especially open to the benefits of meditation."

7. Los Angeles

Says "With a huge and diverse population, it's not surprising that meditation would be fast growing in L.A. The city is home to a number of studios offering all different types of meditation. And some of the most elegant research on meditation and the brain comes from University of California, Los Angeles. Origin Magazine and are also headed in the L.A. area. The L.A. Lakers use mindfulness meditation in their training."

6. Denver

Says "Denver has enjoyed rankings by Pew Research as America's favorite city, for its rich arts scene, green spaces, and open and inviting culture. It's logical that the city would embrace meditation as part of its consciousness. The dating site MeetMindful began in Denver. And Yoga Journal is published in the neighboring Boulder, which also ranks high in most indices of happiness and well-being, and is another nucleus for meditation and yoga studios."

5. New York

Says "For one of the fastest-paced, most distraction-happy cities in the country, New York is amazingly open to new methods, especially if they involve stress reduction and better focus. The city has many dozens of yoga and meditation studios, including Dharma Yoga and the Brooklyn Zen center, among many others. Tricycle Magazine and MindBodyGreen have offices in NYC."

4. San Diego

Says "Not surprisingly, San Diego is another California hub for meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, with an abundance of meditation centers, groups, and MeetUps."

3. Seattle

Says "The Emerald City long has had a vibe of counterculture, greenness, arts, film, and, of course, coffee. But it also has a strong meditation community. This is perhaps evidenced by the Seattle Seahawks' yoga and meditation practices of recent years, initiated by coach Pete Carroll."

2. San Francisco

Says "San Francisco has been one of the largest and most diverse hubs for yoga and meditation in the country. It's home to studios like the Shambhala Meditation Center, the San Francisco Zen Center, the San Francisco Insight Meditation Community, the San Francisco Buddhist Center, and the famous Spirit Rock Meditation Center."

1. Portland, OR

Says "With a population of 620,000, this small city has a reputation for being hip and progressive, artistic, politically liberal, and environmentally conscious. So it may not be surprising that meditation, in addition to yoga, has taken root."