by Matt Alderton | December 04, 2016
The holiday season is all about spending time with family and loved ones. Unfortunately, traveling to visit your human relatives often means leaving your furry family members at home. This year, why not take them with you? To make the trip as safe for your pet as possible, consider these 10 pet travel tips from The ARK at JFK, a new animal handling and air cargo facility at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport:

10. Pack enough of your pet's medication for the duration of your trip.

9. Use a pheromone collar or spray to de-stress and calm.

8. Always keep calm around your pet so s/he does not sense your stress or anxiety.

7. Keep a current photo of your pet in case s/he gets lost.

6. Use direct flights if possible and travel on non-peak flights.

5. Research pet friendly hotels before making traveling plans.

4. Pack a first aid kit for your pet.

3. Bring an extra collar and leash along.

2. Microchip and register your pet, with all important information on a tag attached to collar.

1. Have an extra copy of your pet's veterinary documents.

Source: The ARK at JFK