by Matt Alderton | November 26, 2017
In the fall 2016 edition of its "Meetings Outlook" forecast, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) cited safety and security as a top concern for meeting planners. Since then, current events have made safety even more critical for meeting professionals. Enter RewardExpert, which recently released its list of the safest cities in the nation based on FBI crime statistics and other factors, including motor vehicle crashes, natural disasters, and public health, among other things. America's 10 safest big cities, it says, are:
10. San Francisco, CA

9. Gilbert, AZ

8. Omaha, NE

7. Aurora, CO

6. Austin, TX

5. San Jose, CA

4. Chula Vista, CA

3. New York, NY

2. Irvine, CA

1. Plano, TX

Source: RewardExpert